Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Familiar Stranger/The Act of Evaporation

If 1=5
   5= ??
Water is on the Heater
          When do you feel close to a person? Is it really necessary to know a person to know him/her? Have you never warmed up to a character created by somebody who may not be of your country or even time also? Have you never wondered how come you are so similar to the person you are reading about? Have you never run your fingers over the few lines that touched you deeply and clutched the book and whispered ‘wow’ to yourself? Is physical proximity essential to feel that intimacy, the kind of intimacy where you are sure you know all about him/her even without having met even once? Have you never shared the emotions, feelings of a person you are reading? Don’t you get intimate this way. 
           I know from the smile on your face that you think I am crazy to think like that and you will also deny that my words brought you to me. But I know that, you think you know everything about me because you have read every single thing I have ever written. And I know that you walked across the bridge constructed with my words to reach me.
Water starts boiling.
          There can be nothing bizarre or funnier than meeting of two strangers who are sure that they know everything about each other. That’s what I thought when we first met. You came to me with a perfect idea of me in your head and how could I deny you the pleasure of that knowledge and familiarity. I was amused that you got carried away. I was happy that I had touched that unknown chord which even you did not know existed in you. I reveled in my power and I liked you for wanting to make me happy. Your eagerness to be mine in no way created distance.    
Water continues to boil but less and less remains
        It feels as if its been ages since the first time I took you in. I look at your face. The dent left by the spectacles on the bridge of your nose catches my eye. And I don’t want to look in to your eyes. I do not  want to read the questions or the accusations in them.  I turn away so that you can escape staring in to a blank, dark abyss.
        Perhaps now you have realized that me and my creation are different.  I am not what I created. The pale, colorless skin tells me that the knowledge has frozen your heart.
With continuous pressure all of the liquid water has turned to vapor, visible for a fleeting moment.
*Did you say 25 to the puzzle? Its logical, isn’t it? But take another look. Do you still think it is 25? Okay, may be you are right, but don’t you think 1 can also be the right answer.  Ummm, Check the first line once again. Hope you got it. We train our mind to work logically, see reason in everything we do but I guess there can be multiple answers to the same question. 

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