Tuesday, April 10, 2012

When fiction becomes reality

When I wrote this fiction piece, I had this blog in my mind. I have been following this blog since 2006. I never wanted to put it under the blogs I follow because, you know women are neurotic. The guy is good. He is too good and a genius. And like all geniuses a perfectionist.  His writing is logical, beautiful, touches you in more than one way. I can guarantee that if there is any set standard for creative writing, his writing belongs to the highest standard. Only thing I felt that his writing lacks, which even as I am trying to type my heart and mind is rejecting it out rightly as abstract, rubbish and also untrue, is soul. No, not exactly that. May be he is too hung-up about being perfect and logical in his thought processes, expression and such other things. But you know what I think, there is a different kind of beauty in things which are not logical, which do not follow any set of rules and which do not confirm to a standard. I am not saying writing about implausible and improbable things as if they are possible. But, it’s a cliché which I hate use, but nevertheless use it in this context, one has to think out of the box. You know if one admires Shakespeare and Kafka it does not mean that one has to write like them. It would be foolish. I thought that’s what was wrong with Philip Roth books. This guy, I mean Falstaff with his enormous talent, I hope, develops a unique writing style and unique way of narrating fiction. Imitation is best left to people like us.
It has been my ardent effort to turn this blog somewhat like that blog and think and write like Falstaff. You see, imitation is the best form of flattery. Of course most of the posts on this blog are just plain crap but there are some posts which I have genuinely enjoyed. Anyway Falstaff has stopped posting and locked comment section which brought a smile to my face, because I had not anticipated that when I wrote my fictional piece. Anyway, Go, explore and have fun. 

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