Friday, March 16, 2012

Tragedy of Desire

He didn't know where he was going. But he was going in search of food. He was tired. All he wanted to do was lie down and stretch for eternity. But the rumble in the belly goaded him.  Nowhere food was waiting for him. There is no free lunch said the famous economist. But how could this poor fellow know about that. Even if he knew, what can he do about that? Nothing. Foraging for food was his destiny. It was written. No other go. So in the hot, scorching , mid-day sun he rambled from street to street. At last spotting a huge garbage, he ran towards it with whatever little energy was left in  him. It was his luck. He greedily ravished on left over food thrown by somebody who had too much food. God bless people who have food with more food so that they can throw that little extra so that little fellows like him can survive. The food was good. He scraped till the last bit. Now his hunger completely sated he walked towards the nearby park to rest under a tree. But spotting a piece of meat across the road, he dashed towards it, forgetting how exhausted he was and how badly he wanted to sleep. Even before he could grab that piece of flesh he felt a heavy clamp over his neck. Next moment he was thrust in to a truckful of canines.

Note: I so very much hate myself for doing this post. Obviously, you know how much I love dogs. But I liked that phrase 'tragedy of desire' which I came across while reading a book. I had to do something about it. Thought of doing a piece about a person who is so infatuated with mist/fog that he falls to death without even knowing. But realised that man's obsession with fog/mist was kinda theme in one of Umberto Eco's novels. Anyway involving a human element is more work. So couldn't get a better idea. To redeem myself what I will do is tell you how this cannot happen! Dogs are smart. Especially stray dogs. Seldom they get caught by one single dogcatcher. It requires more people. Even if they get caught, somehow they'll come back to their original place. Anyway I have seen so many times in Bangalore how Municipal people herd these stray dogs in to one truck. Its a pathetic scene. All those dogs, blinking cluelessly, huddled together which otherwise would have fought noisily,growling, baring their teeth in the streets over some polythene cover. So I hope municipal watchdogs stop being terrible with strays. Stray dogs are also dogs!!

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