Friday, March 16, 2012

Tea is like a poem

You know, the process through which a cup of tea is ready for consumption is so very similar to the impact of a good poem like this or this.
The very instant you put the tea powder in to the boiling water, the colour changes, starting from the point of contact, the colour spreads to the entire water in the kettle. Likewise poem creates a swift mood swing in you. If you are in a grumpy mood a poem dissipates that and a sort of temporary calmness spreads. A feeling of relaxation and warmth begins in the mind at first and if you don't give up on the poem or yourself it reaches every nerve and tendon. It happens with me because I know I don't understand poems, so the knowledge of ignorance sort of calms me down pushing me further to make an effort at understanding the poem or if not, fantasise or create stories about the poet or why he/she wrote what he/she has written.  So the swift change in the mood is guaranteed as with the change in the colour of water when you put tea powder in to the kettle. 
So now coming back to tea making, once the tea decoction starts brewing, you add milk and sugar. Enjoying the mood change in you if you persist with the poem, you gather more from the poem, things like  awareness, insight, and guidance. 
For your cup of tea to be ready for consumption, it has to boil over.  When you continue with your poem reading, thoughts pop up vying with each other like spluttering mustard seed in hot oil or like the way the tea concoction starts to boil over. And thats when you turn off the burner and let your concoction of tea, milk and sugar settle for a while before you strain it in to a cup. So it happens with the poem. When you finish reading it, you sit for a while trying to absorb and reflect on what you have read before letting go of the things you didn't like. 
So tea is like a poem! 

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