Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Award goes to...

Somehow I like watching BAFTA. Compared with Oscars BAFTA is more businesslike and regal. It really feels that its cinema they are honoring and celebrating. And  of course, I can appreciate and chuckle at the 'British' sense of humour. But Oscars!! The last time I saw Oscars Live with lot of enthusiasm and interest, Whoopie Goldberg got the Best Supporting Award! So you can guess when was that! I feel Oscars has degenerated into a big showtime for fashionistas, budding politicians and lobbyists. In fact I don't mind calling it another reality show but with a difference. The difference is its on a big global stage. This stage is definitely not just for movies, which is what I resent. They try to take stand on issues completely unrelated to movie business, which is ridiculous. 
Was it last year or before last that Anne Hathway, actress with eyes like saucers and James Franco hosted the show. I watched the show because previously I had I liked Hathway in movies like 'Rachel getting Married', 'Havoc' and of course, 'Devil Wears Prada'. But it was such a big flop show for both of them. Franco, I thought was stoned and the lady looked so overwhelmed and clueless. Anyway even when it comes to the choice of the awardees I somehow prefer the BAFTA list. Anyway, this year's BAFTA would be remembered more for Colin Firth a.k.a Mr.Darcy's gallantry, I guess. Take a look at it, if you have not already!

Why I wanted to write about BAFTA was because of the movie The Artist. When I was watching the video of The Artist shown during the awards function, I couldn't help wondering whether the directors of this movie got inspired by Guru Dutt's Kaagaz ke Phool!. Of course the hero of Kaagaz ke Phool is not a dancing star like by the hero of The Artist, who reminds one of Gene Kelly! You can read about The Artist here and check for yourself.  Kaagaz ke Phool  is a good movie. It should not have failed. I think it would have been a better movie with some slick editing. And may be the movie was shot over a long period of time sometimes long intervals in between which gets reflected in the movie. 
It is unlikely that The Artist would make a clean sweep at the Oscars also. If it does and if in fact the movie has some connection to this great Indian movie, then I hope they make a mention of it in their speech!

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