Friday, December 30, 2011

Not-so-best moments of 2011

This was supposed to follow the best moments post but somehow, I couldn't resist the spur of the moment posts.
1. Watching blue eyed Shah Rukh! The King Khan should now know whoever advised him that blue eye would be a red hot hit, is definitely not his friend!
2. This has happened several times over the past few months. See, these mundu wearing mallu men, the moment you start talking to them have this habit of picking the edge of the mundu and pulling it up, as if they are ready for a fight. It was scary in the begininning, but now its more embarrassing.
3.Getting unnerved by the sight of two women in white sari in the middle of the night  around 1 am on a highway in Kerala where we had stopped to have chai in the roadside chai shop.
4. Leaving Bangalore! 
5. Leaving Bangalore!

PS: I thought this would be a longer post, but I give it up!

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