Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Best five moments of 2011

1.Morning of 23rd November : With palpitating heart I switched on TV searching for sports news. Everything around me became still and even that stillness was fast fading out from my mind's eye, which could see nothing but that shimmering TV screen and when I finally read the headlines 'Federer crushes Nadal 6:3, 6:0', I thought my heart would explode! I cann't put into words the emotions that I felt at that moment when I kept stupidly repeating to myself  'Fed bageled TFA!', 'Fed bageled TFA!'. Yes, it was repeated with exclamation marks and to tell you the truth it was infinite!! It surpassed the joy felt after Federer won the tournament record 6th time. BTW it was the best birthday gift I've ever got.
2.The sense of ending I felt after I completed Somerset Maugham's Of Human Bondage. Fighting sleep and exhaustion some two months ago I finished reading that novel because mentally it was unputdownable. May be I had read a crappy Booker winning novel just before picking up this classic which enormously helped me to get engrossed and read it with extra veneration. I don't know. All I remember is wonder like Scarlett wondered about fate of southern woman in GWTW as to who would read these classics if everyone between 15 to 60 chose chetan bhagat, because while coming back from Bangalore just a few days before that I had the unenviable company of one young girl and another youngish looking woman, both tightly clasping chetan bhagat's some fiction.
3. Watching a local MLA in a remote place in Kerala alight from a scooty! I don't know whether I was amused or pleased but was positively stirred. In Karnataka I was used to all these boorish but clever politicians but this type of unassuming member of a political class, I had not come across. Even the nouveau politicians of Rahul brigade have a sense of self and identity which is larger than life. But perhaps I guess they are obligated to feel that way.
4. Finding DFW's unfinished work in Thiruvananthpuram. This city, I should have known, is quite a book crazy city. They have more book shops than medical shops here and every month somebody or the other will be organising a book fair. Though the book was not extraordinary it did help me see that man in a different persepective. But it still excites me to relive that moment of surprise and excitement I felt when I saw DFW's book in that not-so-big shop on that particularly humid evening.
5.I would like to believe that I'm like a chameleon and like that creepy creature I have this special talent to adjust to any environment. So eversince I have come to this place the agenda has been to at least look like a malayali and gel with the crowd. Hence at a workshop when the speaker from Kerala speaking about Kerala pointedly told me that I would know since I am Malayali I was thrilled and slightly titillated and obviously took no pains to correct the speaker.

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Atoorva said...

Too good. Can totally understand ur sentiment for trying to "look and feel" like a malyali.