Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Watching Tee Vee

In the last few months I have become sort of addicted to TV. I have been watching whatever comes on TV without making distinction between political dramas on news channels and other sitcoms/romcoms/ ‘solve the crime’ shows on entertainment channels. You know, its like saying ‘anything chalega’, when someone asks you ‘Tea/Coffee/Juice’. I just loved the Anna episode. It got over just when I was wee-bit getting bored of it. So there I was right in front of Tee Vee, sometimes never even knowing when the last show got over and the new show began. It never seems to end. Thats the best part, I tell you. 
I guess it all began when one day I accidentally watched 'How I Met Your Mother'. I found it funny. And the guys, Barney, Ted and who was the third guy, the tall one, the married one.  Aargh, not able to recall his name.  Anyway, there is no point in remembering the names of married guys, even if the guy happens to be a Tee Vee character, is there? Did I see you nod? Thanks for agreeing with me.  The show was quite funny unlike Two and a Half Men. Aaah.  There it is. The source of my addiction. Yup. It all began when I heard on the FM radio, I used to tune in to off and on in Bangalore, the ruckus that was created in their studios by the news of Charlie Sheen being kicked out of Two and a Half Men. The girls in the studios had gone crazy because of the news and created online petition to get him back on the show. See, I had kinda liked Charlie Sheen as that kid as opposed to ‘Greed is Good’ Man Gecko.  So I wanted to know what he was doing on Tee Vee. So in the process of catching Sheen on Tee Vee, I seriously started watching How I met….. the characters of which I found funny and sometimes witty as opposed to the Two men who were in more ways obnoxious and repulsive though the half man played by that chubby kiddo was brilliant.  So I guess watching How I Met…was in a way no accident at all. Anyway, when this show got over I continued to watch whatever came in in its place. So these days I am watching Bones. And also the fascinating never-ending political shows. 
What will be the next step of the Home Minister? He is the last line of defense. If he quits, he shouldn't be blamed. Madras regiment was not much known for its bravado. But I would love a 'Kiss and Tell' episode from him. Anyway, I somewhat love conspiracy theories also. I wonder whether HM had it all planned in his head. You see, but for the spark he provided I think Hyderabadis would have enjoyed their regular weekdays and even more regular week-ends. So he is kind of a venture capitalist for these two shows. And the payment may be as per the agreed terms and conditions. My lawyer friend who eons ago saw him arguing a case in Bangalore told me that a superlative word should be coined which expresses his brilliance. So this man in impeccable white dhoti has all my admiration. I think its time somebody started talking about collective responsibility. I think its wrong to use words like honesty and integrity to defend or condone wrong decisions.
PS: Marshall was the name of the third guy in How I Met… Okay, I didn’t google about it…I was able to recall it. So you see, I do remember the names of married people.
PPS: While surfing the other day I was very amused and surprised to see samskrit movie on Shankaracharya directed by G V Iyer on, hold your breath, Lok Sabha TV.. he he he....who the hell decides what should go on this channel...and who coined the motto or whatever it is called for this TV. Its I think 'Asatoma Sad gamaya'. I mean, whats your premise? Is it 'we are living a lie so lets go towards truth'....anyway very funny.... I should write about the movie. I leave that for some other day.

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Atoorva said...

if still addicted with Tee Vee ....try Big bang theory as well(it comes on star world and also on Zee cafe) . I love sheldon .