Sunday, March 20, 2011

Workplace humour

I had gone on a site visit to this sleepy town in North Karnataka. By the time we reached the place it was getting dark. The maidan where we had gone along with local officials was huge and dirty. You could see garbage in every corner and all the walls had become urinals. Pigs were having a jolly good time and naturally with so much dirt and stink, it had become the official residence for mosquitoes. To break the ice and also to hide my disappointment I said,
'This place needs to be fogged/fumigated every evening. I don't want to go back to Bangalore with Malaria.'
There was a bit of embarrased snickering from everybody. Then this small, shady, docile character who was accompanying the local official with a very clever grin on his face said,
'Madam, not all mosquito bites cause Malaria. Its caused by anapheles.'
If I was surprised I didn't show it but with a grin to match his grin I said,
'But how would I know the mosquito sucking my blood is anapheles or not? Tell me!'

PS: See, what kind of dramas I have to do to keep myself alive and kicking and also to keep my interest in the things I have to do!

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