Sunday, March 20, 2011

Love of Life

I flirted with the thoughts of death. I romanticised about death. Death had in my mind a glorious halo which my dissolute life didn't have. 
Then without a cause sickness embraced me. Feeling feverish I became delirious. I, who was so much in love with death, so firmly fixated on death should have been glad at the prospects of the final union. But strangely my thoughts were about nothing but life and then the realisation dawned on me that my real love is life.  


Atoorva said...

interesting the way I hope you realise that the "Whimsy" category of ur posts is increasing .

alice said...

:-) Ya, I know. I am not going mad or anything. Its just easy and does not require much time to capture fleeting thoughts. Its like trapping a fly with a net. If its a butterfly you release it but if its a fly you kill it, no? Same with the thoughts, even if I get teeny weeny bit of interest in them I put it here! I guess the highest number remain under the uncategorised. That shows how confused I am:-)