Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bizarre sentiment!

Satisfaction and a sense of achievement felt by people who run orphanages and old age homes. Just imagine, listening to a management guy making a speech about expansion plans at the 10th anniversary celebrations of a orphanage!
First of all, celebrating the existence of something which should be a damning indictment on the civil society is itself bizarre. Continued existence of orphanages and old age homes should cause grief and introspection and not celebrations, isn't it? Then, on top of it if one looks forward to such 'successful projects', its not a healthy and positive mindset.
I know its utopian and too idealistic to wish for a future which has no need for orphanages or old age homes but chalking out plans for more of them is by no means unselfish, altruistic, charitable and humanitarian, in my opinion.

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