Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Time capsule

I was listening to this call-in session on the FM radio about Time Capsule to record Bangalore for the future. The listeners were to provide suggestions for the time-capsule. The RJs were asking like what people would want to record about Bangalore for the future generations, what they would want to tell the people say some 100 years from now about the present day Bangalore. Lovely and bizarre suggestions flew in. From avenue roads, beautiful gardens, a/c weather, coffee bars, beer bars, theatres to Vidyarthi Bhavan Dosa and filter coffee! I was surprised and also amused to find so many aspects of my city that people love, cherish and extol. And I was wondering how can one know Bangalore without knowing Bangaloreans? So why not give the future a chance to know us, the cosmo citizens of Bangalore. We can preserve us for them, you know. No, no, I am not talking of mummification. Its in a way just the opposite. I mean, why not freeze a couple of hundred eggs and couple of thousand sperms along with the know-how of turning them in to real people!

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