Tuesday, February 01, 2011


I plonked on the couch in front of the TV ready to leisurely savour chapatis with my favourite Bendekai Gojju. Wagging its tail, jumping up and down delightedly my dog followed me and sat on its hind legs in all attention, alternately looking without blinking at my face and the plate. I ignored him. He tried to woo me to throw him a piece by changing his position. He came and sat right in front of me looking earnestly. I shooed him away and got engrossed in the riveting drama of our leaders refusing to resign. Suddenly I felt the chapatis being slowly pulled under my hand. When I turned to see, my dog had the chapatis which I was eating with so much pleasure. Furious that my meal had gone to the dogs, I held his mouth in my left hand and snatched the chapatis. Then I hit him. He yelped more out of fear than in pain because I had hit him with my left hand. Ruefully throwing the chapatis and the bhindi gojju in to the dust bin I washed my hands and again hit him with right hand using all force. Now he screamed in pain and went and sat in the corner of the divan trembling. I had taught my rowdy, greedy dog a lesson and I knew for sure that he would not repeat it ever. But I was still feeling angry.
I went to the kitchen to make tea. When I came out he had settled in to a cosy position, lying on his stomach with face between the front legs. From the corner of my eye I caught him watching me from the corner of his eye. As soon as he sensed that I was looking at him, his tail started wagging real hard and fast. My heart went out to him. He had taken chapatis from my plate but I snatched it out of his mouth. But even then, there he was, happily smiling away wanting and waiting to be forgiven. I told him sternly that he should not do it again and hugged him, he was all over licking me, trying to show me how pleased he was.

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