Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Another Brick..

As a man of high principles, we were told that our former PM Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri had resigned after a rail accident when he was the Railways Minister. Owning moral responsibility for what had happened he resigned from his position. That was a mark of integrity. He grew in stature and set a precedent (not followed always). That came to my mind because of the refusal of all these Kalmadis, Yeddyurappas, Thomases to resign. There we had in Shastri a noble, honest-to-the-core person who resigned because some rail accident happened in some corner of India killing some unknown people. And we have these guys who refuse to resign when the writing on the wall is too clear to ignore. Shame on them, isn't it?
But think again. Was Shastri right in resigning the way he did? In what way he was morally responsible for the accident? Why did he take the blame for somebody else's probabaly a drunken railway employee's mistake? The challenge would have been to continue and ensure that such things don't happen again by setting things right. Shastri's gesture was highly self-centred not needed in a public servant. May be he was hungry for that medal of greatness which Gandhi-Nehru had shared for so long. Resignation is a response of a meek-hearted person. So I was not that horrified to watch the recent drama over resignations.
I mean, I feel like actually saluting Mr.Thomas for not budging from his stand. I admire him for that. It requires lot of guts. I guess, the India which woke up to life and freedom in 1947 is now most probabaly imprisoned by a thick wall of corruption, dishonesty. Nobody can see or feel how thick the wall is and from where it begins and where it ends. Everyone is a brick in the wall. Its unfair to take out one brick and reduce it to mud. May be its time for someone to rephrase Bangles hit song Walk like an Egyptian.

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