Thursday, January 06, 2011


'Is that your car?'

'Huh? ...Yeah!'

'Nice colour! Pearl Silver, isn’t it?'

'Must be! Don’t know. Anyway, thanks.'

'Your car has my name on its back.'

'Okay! That does not make it yours! Ha..ha..ha'

'Yeah. Nice joke! I was forced to follow you from that jammed road to this parking plaza.'

'Oh, really! Nearly 1.5 kms. Damn traffic. Makes your life hell...huh?...Ufff.'

'And navigating through the traffic with my name in front of me felt as if I was trying to catch up with myself.'


'Its a funny feeling. Trying to catch up with oneself!'

'I guess trying to be what you want to be is also one way of catching up with oneself.'

'May be.'

'You are here for shopping?'

'May be.'

'You are with your backpack and alone, so I asked.'

'Why? One can't shop alone, is it? In that case you are also by yourself and I suppose you are going to the mall.'

'I am here to meet my friends. Pardon me for my excessive curiosity. I was just wondering how can one do shopping with a backpack?'

'I said may be I am here for shopping, I didn’t say I am here for shopping.'


'May be I am here for a specific purpose.'


'May be I am here to commit a crime of passion. To catch my cheating lover red-handed and kill them both.'


'And may be I am carrying a loaded revolover with a silencer here in my backpack.'

'May be you are joking.'

'May be I am not.'

'But why would you tell me, a total stranger, your plans. I could shout now and alert the guards.'

'You could. But if you do and then find out that I was joking, what will you do?'

'Then I would say that you fooled me.'

'Then I would sue you for defaming me publicly and claim damages.'

'May be I should walk out right away without wasting another second.'

'Okay, if you prefer to see the images of three people in a pool of blood on TV or in newpapers tomorrow.'

'What do you mean?'

'I mean, may be I am carrying a fire arm with three bullets. And I intend to use them against those two cheating souls and myself after that.'

'But if that is your purpose, why are you sharing it with me.'

'Hmm. May be because I liked your car colour. And hence I am chosing you for a 3-minute fame which you could enjoy as my representative after my death. See, I have bared my soul before you. You can tell TV channels how cool and composed I was before going on a shooting spree'.

'But I guess its not easy to shoot at point blank. It may look like that in movies.'

'May be I am from police or army. I am equipped with necessary skills and also the right weapon. Why do you think I would kill myself after killing those heartless cheaters? Huh? Its to escape suspension, internal inquiry, dismissal from service and all-round humiliation.'

'Look, I don’t know your whole story. But its horrid. You should not snuff out a life like that. You...'

'Wait a minute... Are you trying to sidetrack me from my objectives?'

'Please don't do it. Its not the solution'

'Why? Why do you want to stop me? Think about it.'

'May be I don’t want to feel guilty later. I don’t want to regret later that I didn’t try to prevent, didn’t do enough to stop you.'

'But how would you feel if even after listening to your sermon patiently I went ahead with my plans.'

'At least I will have the satisfaction of having tried to prevent it.'

'But what if your good efforts were proved not good enough. And you realise that you had failed to prevent 3 horrid deaths. Won't it weigh on your soul heavily? How can you feel satisfied if you fail to succeed in your mission? It should cause more misery and disappointment, isn’t it?'

'Oh god! What do you want me to do?'

'You believe in God?'

'May be.'

'Pray then, try if it can change my mind.'


'But would you become ambivalent about God if you read in tomorrow's newspapers about my crime? How can violence and crime be compatible with Existence of God?'

'I..I don’t know.'

'Don’t worry. May be I am here for my haircut or just to collect my clothes from the tailor!'

'Okay, Good Bye'

'God be with you! Didn't some great Indian sages say that 'you are that' or 'I am God'?'

'May be'

'Remember that if you happen to read about bloody killings tomorrow!'

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