Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Open Sesame

You know, I have never liked people who cannot speak their minds or who prefer to speak whats on their mind when the subject of conversation is not present. Like this lady who once told me about a person that he is a womanizer. So I naturally asked, ‘Why do you say so? Did he make a pass at you?'. She replied in the negative. So I had to ask, ‘then how do you know?’  All I got for reply was ‘I know’ and a very meaningful look, which she must have thought would convey in greater detail than her words. She must have thought I am smart enough to understand. But I decided to play dumb, so I persisted ‘Do you know anybody who has been jilted by him?.’ Though she was horrified to hear me speak so plainly, in a very maternal tone she explained the reason behind her confiding in me. She wanted me to be ‘safe’ since I meet this man on and off due to work, though God knows I was safe and secure and may be needed to be little unsafe! Okay, that’s not the point. The woman gave me the impression that she actually had some strong evidence to suggest that the man in question had ways with women but did not want to share with me because I wasn’t to be trusted. So I didn’t go further.
On another occasion when we were together again we met this man whom she had earlier described as a womanizer. So I expected her to recoil and hiss like a snake when it perceives danger but what I saw instead was the most polite and congenial behavior. And I resisted the temptation to tell the man about the lady’s opinion of him. May be she was pragmatic and what she did was right, perhaps one has to be civil no matter what. But in my mind she had become a hypocrite.
Where do you draw the line between outspokenness and brash,hasty and indiscretion? If you are not frank enough then you would be dubbed as a hypocrite and if you are not discreet enough you would be described as a thoughtless, reckless fool. Middle ground is the terrain of diplomats. They are the masters of art of judiciousness.
I don’t know whether diplomacy can win friends, but I am sure lack of that art can ruin relationships. No wonder US feels threatened by the WikiLeaks. US goes around the world with its ‘Holier than thou’ attitude. Now its shamed, embarrassed by the publication of WikiLeaks. I really liked the idea of Wikileaks. Its as if the world had found the magic word to know the real US. It is important for the public to know American diplomats' private assessments of foreign leaders and politics. Those against WikiLeaks may point out that it is their private assessment and not the policy of the State. In that case they need not fear the Leaks, isn’t it?  Nations in awe of the Big Brother/Uncle Sam will not remain na├»ve as far as US is concerned because of WikiLeaks. The face value is different from the intrinsic value. Next time Ms.Clinton meets our Yuvraj, she would know that he knows that she called him gay in private. May be he would take whatever she says in praise of him with a pinch of salt. Those who do not favour WikiLeaks mainly state that it endangers diplomacy as in this article. The article argues that Leaks damage trust one way or other. But may be leaks help in overcoming blind faith that the whole world seems to have in US. Somehow this article seems to me a poor case against Leaks.
IMO WikiLeaks should be taken as a lesson by diplomats and nations. Probably after Assange's arrest for some crime he allegedly committed ages ago, his enterprise may get fizzled out. US may or may not be behind his arrest or freezing of his accounts or suspension of payments. It is in a way very sad.So I just cannot help sadly smile at the news of Assange's arrest. 

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