Friday, December 03, 2010


How do I describe your writing and the effect your words have on me? Beautiful sounds, may be too lame. But I, who thought beauty fades, beauty withers away, have found ethereal beauty in your writing.

How do I know its beautiful? I will tell you. My eyes read your words, the mind comprehends and interprets it in a million different ways. And I feel the tics, tingling in my finger tips to touch the words, hold them aloft so that my quivering lips can kiss them in reverence. I feel the same way whenever I catch that serene, oblivious expression on the sleeping face of a baby or my dog. They make me want to hug that placidity and clasp it in my heart for eternity.

You are like the sun, and I am not even one of those unseen stars waiting for you to disappear for the night so that they can twinkle for a while. I am just a wavering light that burns by itself under your uncaring glare. I feel as if I am scattered sand in a desert over which you blow over like a Simoom and I find myself transformed in to a dune, marvelling at the power, force of your words.

I feed on your words, thoughts, ideas. And I am nourished. And I feel grateful.

How do I thank you?

Will it suffice to say that my heart, a non-believer's heart, feels filled enough to exclaim ‘bless you’!?

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