Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ahoy! Look out!

Journalism allows readers to witness history;
Fiction gives its readers an opportunity to live it- John Hersey (1)

And WikiLeaks?(2)
May be gives a reason for the witnesses of history to kick the makers of history in the butt!
And may be allows the brood of conspiracy theorists to grow!
And perhaps allows the nerds to raise the slogan 'geeks shall inherit the world, virtual, ofcourse!'

1.I am worried.  Read further only if you have checked the above link. As I said I am worried. Because everytime I open Wikipedia I see the much wrinkled face of its founder leading me to this link. And the blue line is never closer to the target. So People, please help this guy to help us!
2. See, WikiLeaks in neither fiction nor journalism. According to Time Magazine 'It could become as important a journalistic tool as the Freedom of Information Act'. We know pen is mightier than sword. And Leaks can provide continuous flow of ink to that mighty pen! Anyway I should stop being frivolous about WikiLeaks, I know. Its an interesting phenomena. But could be dangerous as well. I shall do something more about it in my next post.  

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