Thursday, November 04, 2010

Unmakers of India!

I have been planning to read Ramachandra Guha's India After Gandhi since so many days err...years and in the mean time he has written another book! Lamenting about the state of affairs in India today, one of the journalists I respect has said that Guha should have written about 'unmakers' of India who have 'influenced' India of today. I thought, no way. Ms. Roy would protest. She would put her foot down and vehemently insist that India was never there in the first place to 'unmake', so the question of unmakers of India does not arise!
Anyway, it would be interesting to analyse how India has been 'unmade' and by who, if at all the country has been undone. Maybe it wouldn't be interesting, because we might end up with policies and not the persons responsible for the mess. Guha is a voice of the sane in a mad world. I am partial and also proud of Guha because he is a Bangalorean! But somehow I am not much interested in knowing about Indians of the 19th century! I will be loyal to India after Gandhi.

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