Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Chasing waterfalls

I am what I am

You are not what I am

I am what you are not

You are not what you are not

I am not what you are

You are what I am not

You are what you are

I am not a Pig

So you are a Pig

I am what you are not

You are not a pig

So I am a pig!

PS: Its just that my mind is in pieces. I would like to believe that its because of trying Great Dialogues of Plato. Reading the dialogues of Socrates is like wading through a stream. You don't know how deep or shallow is the stream. You step into it expecting the experince to be heavenly. Then suddenly you realise how cold the water is, how difficult it is to balance, you can neither go forward nor come back. Once you are on the otherside of the stream, you realise the cuts and after a while you feel the pain and heaviness in your lower limbs. Thats the impact of wading through a running stream. Dialogues is really unputdownable. Its not that its that interesting. I like arguments, dialogues etc. Dialogues of Yama and Yudhishtar, Yama and Nachiketa and I think Yama and Savithri. Theres a point to it. But its not so in the Great Dialogues of Plato. Even then the sheer beauty of the debate pulls you into it like a vortex. Its like standing beneath waterfalls. From afar waterfalls are magnificient. They are very tempting as well. But once you stand under the waterfalls, you realise the huge impact of the rush of water. You want to get out because its taking your breath away literally. You feel like getting physical with this natural phonomena. At that moment you realise that waterfalls are beautiful but yet can be brutal. They are to be admired from a distance. So one should remember the sermon of TLC and stop chasing waterfalls!

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