Friday, October 22, 2010

Burning memories

It was perhaps the chipped nails that ignited the loathing. She had not made herself up,which was not an encouraging sign. She was gleaming with enthusiasm as usual but strangely it was dousing his flame of passion, all he received from her animated chatter was discouragement. Thats what he perceived. Her comment that he had adapted the mannerisms along with the accent of his country of choice scalded him. He wanted to be warmed by her presence but as the minutes tickled it burned him. His face started glowing and inside it was an inferno. She was like goddess of fire. Source of light and heat and also fire that could reduce him to ashes. He had to escape that. Only way was to burn his hopes and these memories. But there was no escape from the charred remains which continue to smoulder long after he had razed them. The thought that he would reminiscence about it worsened his mood, it was like adding fuel to the flame which would only make it rise higher and higher. 

PS: Whoa, whoa. last post kind of had watery element to it, but this one though very short is all about fire and what should be next. Yeah, thanks much to Dylan, got an idea. This one, the idea was to do something about Hestia and Apollo. Will elaborate it some other time.

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