Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My dream jobs

I don’t know whether I am in the right sort of job. Okay, this post is not about existential crisis, I assure you.  I didn’t get the job I very badly wanted. Actually I still don’t know whether that would have been the right job. In fact I don’t even know what I am good at. Nevertheless I am sticking with the present job purely for money. Okay, I am exaggerating. The job also provides me good leisure time which is useful for many things, among them to spend time with Alice! So I was thinking of the jobs I would love to do without any second thoughts, of course for the same cheque at the end of the month! Here it goes:

Construction labourer at a PWD project. The glistening bodies in the sun make an attractive sight. Some time back a road project was going on near our house. And I was tempted so many times when we went for our morning walks during weekends to join the crew. I like the smell of sweat. Aaargh! Weird, isn’t! Okay, let me modify. I like when I sweat. Sweat of sweet labour is great. If you are shopping on a sunny afternoon and start sweating then its yuck! It kills the desire to shop. But sweating out in a gym feels good, so also sweat as a result of some physical labour.

A cook for a joint family. Not a chef. But a good cook for a joint family of four generations. That would be just right for my vanity. I would be the captain/master of so many fates. So there I go!

Typist for Sir Vidia. This does not require any reason. Doing that kind of work is an end in itself.

A newspaper vendor. The glory of getting the news of the world to everyone’s doorstep would be mine. And as a bonus I would get to witness the ugly or lovely reality of houses in their early morning nakedness.

A Gym assistant. I did tell earlier that I like the sight and smell of sweat, didn’t I?

An assistant at a video/VCD/DVD parlour. The pleasure of flaunting my filmi knowledge and the gratification of brainwashing the fellow mortals about the films of my choice! Aha. Just Priceless. BTW Tarantino started as a video parlour owner or something!

A model at a high-end car or a liqueur launch. You get the chance to look decorous. Here the people are either curious or bored by the automobil/spirit. And they don’t ogle at girls which is such a relief. To be perceived as just another lifeless product; I guess would be a grand feeling.

I would have also loved to work in a dark room of a photo studio. The joy of bringing the snapshots of someone else in to reality would be huge. But nowadays with the advent of digital cameras they have become quite redundant. So this is strictly not on the list any longer.

Another role I would have gladly embraced would have been that of a devadasi. This is also a thing of the past. We owe devadasis classical music and dance, isn't it? I mean, MS was one. And who would not want to be someone like MS? Who would not want to be part of that system if it can ensure even a miniscule amount of talent in fine arts?

Thats it for now. I shall update it from time to time!

PS: This post came about because I was reminiscing about my first job interview which was a..wait..I will do another post about that!

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