Sunday, September 19, 2010

Interesting Dog Names from Fiction & Movies

Lady- The Centaur, John Updike
Note: I read this novel because I am a Saggi but ended up loving not even the dog but just the name of the dog. Just kidding! It’s a wonderful book. But I cannot remember anything else from the book except Lady and that it had made me feel the snow and that I didn’t like the ending and that I could not connect it to greek mythology and I had thought that Mr.Updike was another great master of description.

Dazzle- The Professor of Desire, Philip Roth

Flossie -Lady Chatterley's Lovers, D H Lawrence

Pilot – Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte

Laska – Anna Karenina

Loony- In one of Enid Blyton’s books. I so very much wanted to rename our dog as loony during school days but everyone forbade it!

Zhucka – The Brothers Karamazov

Bulls eye- Oliver Twist

Dingo – Just So Stories- Rudyard Kipling
Syntax - The Bishop- Short Stories of Chekov
Kivi    - Carvalho- Poornachandra Tejaswi (Kivi in Kannada means ear!)

Hariprasad – Sadma

Nana- Finding Neverland, based on JM Barie’s Peter Pan

Delgado – The Chihuahua from Beverly Hills. Actually Chloe is the Chihuahua’s name in the movie. But I liked Delgado because of Andy Garcia’s voice.

Maya – Eight Below

Jasper – Rebecca

Shadow- Homeward Bound- Incredible Journey
Update: Chico - Secret Window
PS: I cannot believe that I could get only these many names. I shall update as and when I get the names.

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