Sunday, September 19, 2010


‘You can go to devil for all I care!’
‘Not enough!’
‘I mean, you can say ‘you can go to God for all I care.’ Its just the same to me.’
‘You are an atheist, aren’t you?’
'Well, atheism is also a belief. I am not a believer. Not even a believer in nothing. Nonetheless I keep my mind open.’
‘You are a sceptic, an agnostic, aren’t you?’
‘Why do you rush to put a label on people? Why this fetish for categorizing and putting people into definite compartments?’
‘How else can you know a person? It is important to know certain things in a relationship if it has to last a little longer.’
‘I don’t know. But if its helpful to you, I don’t mind. Go ahead and put a tag on me, if that’s the starting point for you.’
‘Not exactly! I would say the starting point is name.’
‘I do know certain things about you from your name.’
‘I might have lied about my name.’
‘That is a possibility. But then I would say that you can know a lot about the person by the pseudo name than the real name. After all that is name chosen by you and not selected for you by others, isn’t it?’
‘In a way you are right. But all you get to know about a person from the name is probably his/her religion.’
‘That may be true. But that’s quite important.’
‘Is it? Not to me. Religion & God are key things for you, isn’t it? Tell me, why do you believe in God?’
‘Because it’s the easy way out.’
‘Always looking for short cut, aren’t you? But I know a few people who would disagree with that. They would say God is hard to understand or reach.’
‘I meant it differently. If you have faith in God, you can have peace of mind. You can explain anything inexplicable by attributing it to a superior force. Why not put it on God?’
‘You don’t require God for that. You have sky, air or intangible terms like luck, fate to explain the inexplicable.’
‘Ancients called those forces of nature as God.’
'And modern man humanized them.’
'So you are repugnant to the idea of anthropomorphism of God like some reeks. Do you prefer the idea of a formless God? For instance Allah?’
‘Any idea of God is not an attractive proposition to me. But it puzzles me that on the one hand you believe God is all powerful, all-knowing and what not and on the other, you carve him/her in the image of man who is imperfect in form and nature.’
‘You are like your idol Wallace, aren’t you?’
‘You don’t believe but still keep your mind open for any confirmation of perfection, ethereal beauty and may be divinity as well. He thought he got to witness both beauty and perfection in Federer. That is why he called watching Federer a religious experience.’
‘You are looking Wallace from only one standpoint.’
‘Federer Fans believe that he killed Wallace.’
‘He committed suicide.’
‘Probably Federer pushed him to it. His inability to hold out against his nemesis. You know it, don’t you?’
‘We will probably never know why Wallace did what he did. But if you think that he would have considered beauty and perfection as permanent and not transient, then you would be dishonoring his memory and legacy.’
‘You believed in Wallace, didn’t you?’

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