Friday, August 06, 2010

Your tears and my smiles

Caption: Maoist leader Marshal Tuti breaks in to tears after his surrender before Jharkhand DGP Neyaz Ahmad in Ranchi
Weeping in front of the Police chief might not have been part of the script. But cry, he did. As the photo clearly shows. What prompted the tears, one will never know. Did he cry overcome with gratitude? Did he cry out of fear for his life? Did he cry because he felt he had betrayed the cause? Did he cry because he felt he was surrendering his will along with the gun he had so long touted?
Do you see traces of a smug smile on the face of Police Chief and the person standing behind him like I did in the morning when I first saw the photo? Do you think the constable holding the Maoist leader is almost whispering 'okay, stop the melodrama!'?
What would be the effect of this photo on the still active Maoists? Will they get tempted to follow the suit? Or will they feel disgraced and so surrender to the feelings of humiliation, anger, hurt?
Draupadi laughing at Duryodana for falling in to a make-believe pond in their Palace of Illusions said to have sparked the Kurukshetra war. Humiliation, rejection, violations said to have made Phoolan, Phoolan Devi which later led to Behmai Massacre. Behind every action there lurks the danger of unintended consequences. Isn't it?
PS: This is what happens when one lets one's fancy run amok! Surrenders do not happen overnight. They plan it well in advance. The men ready to surrender are identified, taken note of, cleared for the surrender and they are prepared for the ceremony. Perhaps they do a dummy-run also. This guy, inspite of all the preparations and rehearsals must have got overwhelmed by the ceremony. And the cops were just expressing sympathy.

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