Saturday, August 14, 2010

Flags, Flags everywhere...

...but how to pick the Colours of Freedom?

Is it the dark red stain left by paan spit on the walls of most Government buildings?
Is it the grey of city walls discoloured by piss?
Is it the fading green and brown of trees indiscriminately cut to make way for infra projects?
Is it the yellow-green of algae covering the dying lakes of garden city?
Is it the putrefying black of rubbish, waste stockpiled for ages in the road corner?
Is it the multi-colour wrappers of consumables floating freely in the drainage?
Or is it the white of ruler’s uniforms reflecting all colours?

Well, I don't care much for Ayn Rand but some of her ideas just stand out like the one below:

Freedom: To ask nothing.To expect nothing. To depend on nothing.
-The Fountainhead

Time to celebrate the Spirit of Freedom, isn't it? Okay. Happy Independence Day!

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