Monday, July 05, 2010

Ruined weekend

I slept for, in all 7 hours over the weekend. Angry and hurt by the unexpected, unsuspected and unhoped for developments, I slept at 5 am on Saturday. I had spent the night fooling around with stupidity and had gotten royally fooled in turn by stupidity. I was out on official work for the most part of the day. Even though I knew I would not be able to go beyond 23 pages , I doggedly pursued reading Sartre’s ‘Being and Nothingness' in the night. Soon I found myself pondering and reflecting on whatever had happened the previous night, this exercise lead me to my old diaries. After skimming through them I was checking tears of anger and indignation from overwhelming me. Thats when I thought of doing some fictional piece because working on something creative can be quite redeeming, if you know what I mean. It is posted below. Repressed anger leads to despair, I guess. Because that was the state I found myself in by the wee hours of Sunday morning. It is always a pleasure to watch Johny Depp as anything, I guess. But Depp as Sam in Benny and Joon and his sparkling, guileless eyes failed to lift my sagged spirits. And TFA’s triumph on the sacred lawns of Wimbeldon completed the ruin of my weekend. Truth can be Ugly. Satyam is always not Sundaram. This is what I have realised. And when you see the truth quite late in the day, you also discover the flaws in you as the reason for having not seen the truth before. That is when one makes a wish that it were possible to fix faults in one’s character like they fix the bugs in a software.

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