Friday, July 09, 2010


If the angry German fans finally have their way and make a meal out of Paul, the Psychic Octopus, then I think Oxford English Dictionary ought to honor him by creating a verb in his name viz.,

Pronunciation /ˈɒktəpəsʃ/
[No objectl]
*Bringing the doom upon oneself
a) He moved fast but realised quite late that he had octopushed.

Wouldn't it be a fitting tribute to the eight armed mollusc, which was born in England but currently resides in Germany. But Paul, the blue blooded sucker still stands a chance. Two more games are there. He should now use his psychic powers to save his skin, isn’t it?

Update: So finally the Pirates took away the booty! Beginner's luck, I suppose. But the less of the unruly team won the day. And our Paul gets to live another day, another month, another year! The more I think about Paul the more I am convinced that he is the One. It is He who we need at present. Look, aren't we all tad tired of all the speculations that go under the name of Psephology during elections! Why not get Paul to do the cumbersome work. He has now unblemished credibility.

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Anonymous said...

The octo would be so confused, it would starve itself to death, if it is made to predict on indian politics :-)