Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Over a cuppa!

'I am the man of the house. I wear pants here.'
'I know that. You are my man, man.'
'No, am not kidding.'
'Neither am I. '
'Are you laughing at me? Am I some kind of joke to you?'
'No. I am not..why--..'
'Am upset! Oh God, Cann’t you see I am upset?'
'Oh, I was getting to it. Honey, why are you upset?'
'How could you say such a thing about me?'
'Huh, Huh?'
'I don’t throw tantrums over a morning cup of filter coffee!'
'Aah, Oh!'
'Yes, thats what you told Em yesterday at the party. Isn't it? And because of that 'I am a butt of office joke now.'
'Hmm, Hmm'
'I need my morning cuppa because I cannot start my day without it.'
'And it would drive me crazy if I have to forego it.'
'But that does not mean I would throw tantrums if you forgot to put water into that bloody filter. Huh. You think I would, don’t you?'
'Answer me!'
'I don’t understand, in the first place, why you are upset. Is it because I told something to Em to describe your nature or because Em is apparently having fun?'
'This is no time to dissect reasons for my being upset…...'
'Okay. I am upset because of both the reasons. But you caused it. With your words. And now you are sitting there as though nothing has happened.'
'Honey, that’s not fair. What do you want me to do? Get twice upset and shout at Em? Shall I talk to him?'
'No, no no. Don’t do that. For God’s sake!'
'I am trying to share your upset'
'You remember last month when I had put the water in to the filter without boiling it. In the morning I had to move heaven and earth to get you going. And the kid missed her school because I could not get her ready. And my day’s schedule got screwed up.'
'I told Em just how important the coffee is to you in the morning. Like poets have muses, Coffee is the inspiration for you. Isn’t it? I want you to have best day every day. And without Coffee you will be at a sea, without directions. Isn’t it? So I know, I have to leave no cause to get you mad early in the morning. I am doing my best, am I not?'
'Yes, you are…Are you trying to patronize me?'
'What is patra…? Does it mean sharing one’s husband’s distress?'
'Okay, never mind..'
'Dinner’s on the table.You may like to check it.'
'Wow, this smells good. Oh, what is this. Brinjal Sambar! It looks like fish in red gravy! I don’t like this. How am I going to eat when I cannot get myself to like something? Oh this is not okay..'
'Oh boy! Oh lord....!!'

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