Monday, June 14, 2010

Modern Fiction

Poor Yann Martel is getting bad reviews for his Beatrice and Virgil from almost every corner. And people are saying that even Life of Pi was bunkum! Aah. How it hurts! That was not bunkum. Anyways, I am reading Philip Roth after a long time. And when you read Roth you cannot help from comparing it to classics. Long back after reading only two of Roth's works I had concluded in my arrogance that Roth is, to borrow from GWTW 'mule in horse harness'. Mainly because I thought appreciating his books is like squeezing juice out of fruits. You cannot eat it as a whole. You have to pick and choose and go back again and again for rereading certain parts. Perhaps back then I was too ignorant to appreciate Roth. Huge fan following for Roth has got me in to read him again. And with that the itching to analyse modern fiction. Ambitious! Aren't I? I will try some time later.

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