Monday, June 14, 2010


I was at the family gathering. Everyone was there. I was trying my best to be as inconspicuous as possible. I was silently dreading the moment when they would start on my size and single status. Everyone was talking at the same time. Even though I was not able to make out what they were speaking about, I was nodding and smiling like a monkey. And suddenly I noticed my grandmother sitting in the corner. All by herself. I thought of going up to her. But it struck me at the same time that she had died years ago. I was terribly confused. I was telling myself that it cannot be her, that she had died. But another voice was trying to convince me that it was, of course, grandmother and I must have mistaken about her death. I got up to go to her but I found myself on the terrace. Silence all around. Feeling relieved I was debating with myself what it was that I saw in the hall downstairs. I did not want to go again in to the house. The evening blue sky was a far better option to watch than the noise in the hall. Two birds were doing sorties in the sky. I watched them in utter amazement. I didn’t know what birds they were. They were so high in the sky showing off their flying tricks. All of a sudden they started coming down. And I realised they were in fact the newly launched LCH. It was a free fall for the twin copters. One of the copters did a U turn and started towards north of the house where there is a huge field perhaps to make an emergency landing. The copter hit the ground with a terrible sound. I thought ‘my God, DRDO gets it again’. And I was hit by a wave of heat and dust from the crash. I wanted to alert everyone. I wanted to phone the police. So I ran inside in search of my mobile. And it was ringing. I searched all around for another phone with which to make a call. The house was completely empty. I was puzzled as to where everyone had gone but carried on with my search for the phone. I came back and saw that my mobile was still ringing. Since more than 10 minutes had passed off, I thought somebody would have called up police and also the media. So again I went up to have a look at the scenario. From the terrace I could see the big crater in the field and also the huge crowd. Right cheek, ear and half my forehead was burning now. I had to do something. Ignoring the phone which had not stopped ringing, I rushed to the loo. Thats when I woke up to realise that it was 9.30 am and my phone was still ringing.

PS: Funny dreams. How illogical they are!

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