Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Whats the logic?

Hindi movies will also be soon certified under five categories instead of the existing 3. Looks like ‘follow the west’ is the motto. All the English movie TV channels show the certificate prior to the telecast. I was wondering about logic behind certification for TV telecast especially in a country like India. Apart from certification there’s audio censor as well, even though all the channels now telecast the movie with subtitles. Do they bleep objectionable language, blasphemous words in Hindi movies also? Should check it out. Who decides what should be bleeped and is there any guidelines? Whatever it is, the outcome of the policy to bleep offensive language on TV is absurd. Because I will explain. Few months ago one of the Movie channels had listed Pulp Fiction. I love this movie. Its a pretty enjoyable movie. But I was thinking how they can show Pulp Fiction. I thought it would be a silent movie if they are gonna bleep out the bad, cuss words. So out of curiosity I watched it. And it was ridiculous. The entire scene with Jules and Vincent before they go on murderous rampage was almost silent. Their voices came in gaps instead of the bleeps. It was quite funny. So I continued to watch. During the scene when Vincent collects crack from his buddy I could not help from howling with laughter and wonder in incredulity at the futility of bleeping and certification. In that scene Vincent is talking to the lady who is pierced all over including her tongue. He asks her with curiosity why she has got her tongue pierced with a stud. And her stunning reply delivered with such nonchalance was there on the TV screen. My mouth was like full O. I was like, no they didn’t show it. So it got me going on the absurdity of certificatioin for movies shown on TV as well as this bleeping technique they have resorted to probably ‘protect the young from offensive language’. Because they had dutifully screened all bad words and some of the stuff which are actually not offensive but I would say to which young, inquisitive minds should not get exposed was getting away through subtitles.

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