Thursday, February 26, 2009

What’s in a font!

I know, actually speaking there is nothing in a font. But to tell the truth I cannot stand Times New Roman. It’s showy. It’s pretentious. And awkward. I get the creeps when I look at the font. It gets on my nerves. It reminds me of Caesar’s words for Cassius. Its lean and unnecessarily pointed and curvaceous. It’s as though trying to make a point in spite of being a nothing. It brings to mind those people full of self-importance carrying an air of superiority. It’s an example for unabashed affectedness.
Times New Roman. What a name? Font name itself sounds so obnoxious. If it was a newer version of Times Roman, wouldn’t it have been better, if it was called New Times Roman like the hotels in Bangalore. In Bangalore veg hotels, typically frequented by us middle class people, prefix New to their names after renovation to please the ‘modern and next gen’ sensibilities. So Shanti Sagar becomes Hotel New Shanti Sagar. The national daily Indian Express adopted this tradition and called itself The New Indian Express after image change over. It’s ridiculous. It’s more than mere snobbishness. I understand they have spent a tonne on reinventing themselves but why should they re-emphasise the new look by adding New to the names? Just imagine people doing the same after every change of image. New SRK, New Kareena Kapoor!! Imagine your friend has a new hair-do and starts introducing himself/herself as ‘hey, Am New ---!’ It would be horrendously funny.
Now coming back to the font I find other fonts normally used by me have been decently named. Like Arial or Verdana or Comic Sans. There’s nothing in the name or the typeface that suggests pomposity. They look simple and dignified. I know its quite stupid to feel so strongly for a font. But whenever anything comes to me for correction in Times New Roman, I have to send it back without even correcting it. You call it arrogance or plain madness but it is so. Fortunately my office staff have understood my repugnance for Times New Roman so it is Arial all the way!


Atoorva said...

Though I don't have anything particular against Times New Roman, I do not like it .It lacks personality....may be because it is default font in windows . I find the title of your blog very intriguing . Have you noticed how people use various fonts indiscriminately? Comic sans -used for official and that too technical communications looks bizarre. Similarly use of Monotype corsiva on official stationary looks ugly to my eyes. I like simple fonts like verdana. But ever since i started using Office 2007 - am in love with Calisto and Calibri . Do they also look pompous to you ? :-)

alice said...

Yeah Comic Sans is good for only greeting cards:-) I have not used those two new fonts. I will try.