Monday, January 14, 2008


Pursuit of knowledge is an exercise of walking towards receding horizons
And if you turn back to see the distance travelled, you see the road has rolled up like a carpet behind you leaving no trace. You are still at the starting point. You think it was like walking on a treadmill. You have reached nowhere. But, ofcourse, you were not trying to reach anywhere while on the treadmill.
And you will find that the baggage has become heavier with accumulated stuff. It makes the walking more tiresome and pointless.You cannot dump the baggage, 'coz you think that you need it in the course of the journey.
And if you decide the pursuit is chimerical and decide to standstill, you feel tha the ground beneath you is cracking up at the combined weight of baggage and your body. Its not a zero-gravity situation.

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