Thursday, January 03, 2008

A New Year Party

He knew that they would go about the New Year Party with lots of noise. Vicky bhaiyya and his friends and their wild parties. Over the past one year that he had been there as the security guard at the Apartment Complex, he had seen it all. They could swing effortlessly and tirelessly to ear-deafening music, drink gallons of liquor, eat unknown dishes with relish. He had many times witnessed riotous scenes thereafter. He knew New Year Party would be a grander affair than the birthday parties and what-not-parties these college kids used to organize on the terrace. He came to know that Vicky was just an engineering student after few months. That he was having a 2BHK apartment for himself came as a rude shock. Vicky was just a student, for all said and done, but his lifestyle in no way, betrayed that fact. He had a motorbike and a sports car for himself. Comparison between Vicky and himself was stupidity. He was a PU-dropout but was earning 6k. He, infact, was proud of himself that in spite of not being a graduate he was earning a handsome salary. His joy knew no bounds when he got the job of the security guard at the Apartment complex. It was a different world for him there. In the beginning he was perplexed and no sound could escape out of his mouth whenever Vicky and his friends walked out or in with their high-pitched laughter. It looked like a scene from hindi movies. He had never once seen Vicky’s parents, someone told him that they were big businessmen somewhere near Delhi. Vicky and his friends celebrate all night for reasons he could neither make out nor understand. They party if the film of their favourite hero was a hit. They play the same music throughout the night and dance to it. And the girls. Those girls who visit them. Who are they? Just classmates? Nobody knows. Because no one has questioned them so far. No one is there to question them in the first place. They do not think twice before tipping. How often he had received the residues of their parties. Some liquor it was. They just gave it to him like leftovers thrown to street dogs. At first, he was happy with these ‘gestures’. Slowly his admiration for Vicky subsided. He had never felt discontented before. He was horrified and disgusted by their excesses. And felt the presence of that green-eyed monster - jealousy in him. He had never lived and nor could ever dream of living like them. But isn't it wrong to show off like that, he asked himself often.
He knew what they do on the eve of the new years. He had a plan. They will shut down all lights, all music will be stopped at 11.59 PM. They will start counting down the last 60 seconds. And he had only 60 seconds to do what he had planned. To remove the fuse connected to the board to his apartment. To disconnect the earthing cable. Connect two wires to cause short circuit. So when they switch on the lights at 12 in the midnight, there will be a different kind of yell. Deathly screams will pierce the sky lit by fire crackers. Others who will run to help, not knowing what had happened will also get electrocuted. It’s a lesson and a punishment.

As thought of by him the terrace became dark at 11.59. He was there at the power board. While he was on his job, he heard cries of joy, laughter. It was from the other party. The apartment association had organized a party at the side wings. But, no, Vicky and his friends would not participate in it. They have to have a separate new year party. They are all special people. A very bad new year to you all, he muttered, as the smile of satisfaction at the masterly job he, a PU dropout, had done, spread across his face. Now only orderly uproar from the terrace could be heard amidst few stray fire crackers. They were counting 10…,9…,8…,7…,

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