Monday, January 21, 2008

Messenger of Peace

I have always considered George Clooney to be kind of a Manly Man; the way Jolie is a woman’s woman. He is good. You see, he has been twice voted sexiest man alive. Probably I have liked him because of his uncanny resemblance to Clark Gable, (Check out, ‘O Brother where art thou?’ ) or for his political views or his movie performances (by common standards this should be the only reason to like or dislike an actor, but in that case Johnny Depp would get more brownie points, no? And though I like Depp, Clooney’s just grand).
I wonder what Clooney is supposed to do as the UN Messenger of Peace. Who will he speak to? What will he say? Will he speak to the victims of war and violence or the perpetrators? Will he try to spread the good old message about peace and harmony and say ‘Hey, peace is a wonderful thing, don’t let go of it’, as if they didn’t know that. There was this guy from Police or Forest, I don’t remember exactly, it happened when I was still in school. He thought he could convince forest brigand Veerappan to surrender and with a firm conviction in pacifist principles, he went in to the forest unarmed and unescorted. After two or three days he was found at two places. His head was somewhere and the rest of the body was elsewhere. It was barbaric. But, though I was too young back then to have become a qualified cynical (I know theres no age for it, but still) I had regarded the entire incident as the stupidity of a foolish and a reckless officer. I was not completely convinced about the idealistic motives behind the voluntary action taken by a Government Servant. It was a crazy thing to do. I mean, going unarmed in to dense forest without any protection. But I guess Indians and especially South Indians are crazy and eccentric. But that’s something else.
Will George Clooney be able to do something like this? I mean, can UN Messengers afford to be proactive? If yes, then he can form a team and venture out in search of Osama et al to pass on peace messages? This could be made into a movie later – Ocean’s 15 (1). I wonder how the conversation between Osama and Clooney would go if at all they meet.
When corporates create brand ambassadors I can appreciate the business motive behind such moves but UN Messengers of Peace! Sounds evangelical. As though peace could be packaged and sold. I can still appreciate the efforts if they are at least trying to address ‘warmongers’. But we know what UN did in Srilanka or for that matter Iraq. UN is an unhappy family of nations. Nobody dares to desert it for fear of being called a renegade. I hope Clooney can make some difference. You know, he can do some real singing also not just lip-synching!

(1)Ocean’s series should go ahead with odd numbers. The problem with Ocean’s 12 was not the story but the number. So they should shelve, if at all they are considering, Ocean’s 14, and plan for Ocean’s 15.

PS: Its been a depressing weekend. Watching Federer struggle in a five-setter was bad enough; reading about Kukunoor’s latest release with the run-of-the-mill story did it completely. Emperors are supposed to come hailing Vini, Vidi, Vici, no? And Federer is Monarch of Tennis; he is not supposed to grope and fumble for every single point. But I guess, lifes is not easy for kings also sometimes.

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Advait said...

Hi Alice,

Wonder how we got caught up with George Clooney and Federer. This must have been a real bad week.

It is always nice to get a perspective on the world through your eyes. :)