Sunday, December 09, 2007

To see or not to see

There must be something terribly wrong with me. Whenever I see people resigned to their ‘fate’ and make peace with the way ‘things are going’ I get irritated. And if at all I see few trying to make a difference by hard work and ingenuity I don't feel happy either. I tell you, there’s nothing heroic about the struggle of the have-nots. To describe it in one word, it’s pathetic. I mean ‘pathetic’ not in the sense of a 'heart-rending story’. By pathetic, I mean it’s hideous and ugly.
Tell me, what can you say about a group of disabled people who are trying to market soap powder produced by them? Would you say, Bravo! But it was not a grand spectacle, for me at least, to see humans making such efforts like walking on all fours to show that they also can do it. What do you call it? Is it super-human or sub-human effort? I don’t know. I feel pathetic at the sight of such struggles and the brave front they try to put up to face life’s challenges. Their courage does neither inspire me, nor does it evoke admiration. I get angry and it may also be hatred at their audacity and impetuosity. They are not opportunists but nevertheless you notice that they, with fox-like alertness, are constantly searching for opportunities at every corner. You feel repulsed in the presence of their eternal patience for ‘deliverance’ from that wretched state of affairs. It can be quite a benumbing experience. The compromises they make and many more they are willing to make to alter their living conditions can be bewildering.
I personally feel all the more pathetic because when I come into contact with this kind of ‘real world’, where parents lose their night’s sleep so that their kids can go to school and hope that ‘one day’ they will make a difference to their lives, it exposes the digital divide and all that stuff and the virtual world of blogs virtually lose all its meaning and throws up many questions, I wish neither to acknowledge nor to find an answer. I hate them for hoping. It's illogical I know. I would have hated them if they hadn’t any faith also. I know. As I told you its absurd.

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