Thursday, October 25, 2007

What a face :-)

Can you believe it? I have been searching on the net for the past half an hour for this poster? I was zapped when I saw the poster this morning plastered on my city's not-so beautiful walls. I could make out that it was a telgu movie poster and had read the name of the movie. But now when I tried to trace it on the net I just could not recall the name of the movie. So, some how with the help of google I found this face :-)
The face of Helen of Troy was supposed to have launched a thousand ships, but this face staring at no particular thing at once caught my fancy. Isn't it a lovely face? Unruly, yet handsome and elegant. If ever one tried to paint what grace and style imbibing the first few elements of wild would look like, then one would come across a face like this. It reminded me of the sms someone had sent me 'Don’t walk as though you rule the world, walk as if you don’t mind who the hell rules the world’.
I wonder what emotion the cameraperson was trying to capture. Just look at the blazing eyes. It’s as though having experienced the violence of a passionate love they are saying WTF to the entire world. Is the steely composure, final outcome of a flaming ecstasy that taught him the meaning of what it is to feel fiercely, putting him face to face with violence of joy? Is it the realization that love cannot be an absolute quality, but one, which must be reinforced through its environment that has brought such tranquility of expression? Having lived through the fervour and ardor of love, having scaled the heights of towering passions and taking pride from it, is he now daring the humanity to comment on his life? Does his smiling eyes suggest that the secret of holding the momentary passions forever, is in his firm grasp? Is the smirk that is just lurking from the corners of his mouth hinting that at the pinnacle of excitement he’s seen the glory of life and his passion for life just redoubled? Is it a face that is trying to reassure his neurotic, insecure lover that his love’s intensity will not wear out under unfavourable circumstances? Can it be the face of Vronsky who broke the conventional norms in the name of love?

Yes, I thought of Vronsky when I saw the poster hence this post.

PS:The face belongs to one Mahesh Babu (ya, I know what a terrible name for such a handsome face!). He is a telgu actor.


Atoorva said...

lovely face...very approapriate for Jane austin's Darcy ....But talking about film actors, I thought you liked Vishnuvardhan best.

alice said...

:-)Darcy?? May be, but he does not look that self-centred.
since you have mentioned Vishnuvardhan why leave the list incomplete. Let me include Govinda,Jackie Shroff, RajaniKanth,
Chiranjeevi,Akshay Kumar. There are so many...Aaah you know you are senile when you fail to recall the names you so badly want to recall..