Thursday, September 20, 2007

Take a Chance…..



‘I thought you winked at me!’

‘You thought?’

‘No, you winked at me, right!’

‘Okay, so?’

‘Errr…hmmm...normally women don’t…so..’

‘So you think I am abnormal?!’

‘No...I mean..umm.. I used the wrong word… It is rather ..errrr ..unusual.., you see’

‘What is unusual? A woman winking or a woman winking at you!’

‘No.. I don’t know and I don’t think it really matters’

‘So why are you asking me then?’

‘I suppose I wanted to chat up with you’

‘Hmm …’

‘Do you find it as strange?’

‘Well, I suppose I should’

‘But do you?’

‘Well, it does not really matter’

‘So what does really matter?’

‘Well, perhaps I matter to myself’

‘But who are you?’

‘I suppose, that is for me to know and you to guess!’

‘They can be completely two different things’


‘Hmm.., the image you have of yourself and the image that the world has of you can be completely two different things’

‘Yes, may be its true….hmm ..but isn’t it so always? Isn’t it better that way?’


‘The existence of other self for the sake of convenience’

‘Are you suggesting that you might have another side which is hidden away as in Dr Jekyll and Mr.Hyde’

‘If I say yes, would you be scared?’

‘I suppose I won’t be’

‘Why? Is it your confidence speaking?’

‘I don’t think you would admit it openly in that case’

‘So you are assuming that I cannot have a schizophrenic side to myself’


‘And you are aware that it can be a costly assumption?’

‘Not if they are based on strong premises’

‘Okay. Let me assure you that I do not have another side like Mr Hyde but the core of myself as seen through my mind’s eye is certainly different. It is the image which I have to understand and not for the world to see.’

‘But don’t you want to know me?’

‘How can I want to know you, knowing that YOU cannot be known? Unless..’

‘..unless I want you to and let you know me’

‘Yes. Or if it is not any different from the other self!’

‘But as you said it is different always. And I would not share it like doughnuts with the rest of the world. The knowledge becomes precious after a while’

‘You mean it increases your self-esteem. You become big in your own eyes’

‘In a way., yes. But don’t you think it is helpful in screening the 1001 influences that can be quite distracting to the mind’

‘Am I one of the influences, which was likewise screened?’

‘Perhaps, yes.’

‘Well… So?’


‘Have I been cleared for entry?’

‘You see, it is a complicated procedure. The entry is not through a single gate. You will be checked at multiple entrances and there are chances that you might be sent back’

‘Are you warning me?’

‘No, I am stating things as they are’

‘Aren’t you acting high and mighty?’


‘In that case, why would any woman take a chance at all?’

‘Perhaps they won’t, perhaps they will’

‘Do you want me to take a chance?’

‘If I want, would you?’

‘I suppose I would since I stand to lose nothing’

‘What is nothing?’

'Perhaps that’s me!'

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